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My General Stance

Posted by Bobby on April 19, 2007

I figure, before you get too far into my blog, that I should probably state my stance on everything. I would best be described as a Libertarian. In case you don’t know, Libertarians are basically conservatives that believe that our bodies are our own, and no laws to be in place that dictate would I or anyone else should do with our body provided we do not infringe on anyone else’s three basic rights–life, liberty, and property.

Conservatives (Republicans), I can stand. As a matter of fact, I highly enjoy two extremely conservative new talk radio host, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. My only beef with conservatives is their idea of making their religious (I am a Christian btw, but I am not a fundamentalist) believes law. There should be a strict separation of church and state. But, they do believe that government’s power should be limited and that most of the problems individuals and society face are best solved by the individual and society. Too much government will only screw things up.

Liberals (currently the Democratic party, but they weren’t always this way), I can not stand. Liberals and the media that pushes their agenda so enthusiastically are part of the reason the country is the way it is. They promote group think and victimize people based on their race/sex/sexual orientation. They also see America as an evil place that houses insensitive people that are too stupid to live with the freedoms they have. They believe that America’s best hope is for everyone to hold hands, sing “Cum By Ya” while the government takes care of what really matters, meaning your health care, your money, your retirement… basically your life. I’m going to stop there because I can make an entire essay on Liberals and their agenda (I might have to do that). For more information, read “The Terrible Truth About Liberals” by Neal Boortz. It’s only 160 pages of a very small book with very large print, took me 3 days to read it. Don’t be scared.

Who do I vote for? Republicans. Because they are the lesser (much much much lesser) of the two evils, and putting their overall stance aside, we agree on everything.

Why not vote Libertarian? Because while I believe the Libertarian (can’t say libs, that the term for Liberals) because even though they have their own political party, they can’t seem to put together a decent campaign against the two opposing super parties. How are they going to run the country? I’m waiting for them to get their act together.


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