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NBC – A Portrait of Self Interest

Posted by Bobby on April 19, 2007

Current events have to start somewhere. So I guess I’ll just start it here.

In the recent days a tragedy has befallen the Virginia Tech campus, and unless you have been living under a rock, I’m sure you know about it. A deeply disturbed student masterminded and killed 32 students on 4/16/07.

The act itself has many stories in of itself, but the one part I want to talk about right now is NBC’s recent reception of a package from the killer. Inside this package were photos, video and audio tapes from the disturbed student telling his story and giving a confession/suicide note for why he did what he did.

Upon receiving this package (which had the killer’s name as the return address on the envelope), did NBC decide to call the police and turn the evidence over to them? Of course they did, but not before opening the package and making copies of all the material. To make matters worse, they didn’t see an opportunity to help out the police in the investigation of these murders, they saw an opportunity for themselves.

Probably within minutes of receiving the information, this stuff was all over the air. Video was this mad man spitting his unjustified hatred for the rich and their debauchery. NBC has helped this sick, sick individual seal his fame.

I find this very cynical for several reasons. Let’s start with the fact that NBC (a liberal media outlet) has used this tragedy to promote their gun-control agenda, stating, of course, that if guns were illegal, none of this would have happened. Stepping away from the current issue, at the end of most mass murders, there are usually those to try to mock the murderer by reenacting his murders. These are known as copy-cat killers. NBC has just set the ground for any copy cat killers that might come about. If any decides to copy this killer, they only need to turn on the news (its being played everywhere), and when that happens, those murders can not be blamed on the guns that committed the crime (blaming the weapon? Ridiculous isn’t it?). NBC will be the culprit.

Let’s not forget the fact if Foxs News (a conservative news network) would have been the lucky (or unlucky, depends on how you look at it) news station to get their hands on the package, NBC and MSNBC would have been at the front to condemn them for showing and distributing this trash. Hypocritical maybe? You’ll find that a lot with liberals.

The best thing about all this is the victims are not taking this lightly. They have canceled interviews with NBC for the showing of this sick bastards tapes on the air. NBC has apologized atrocity, but don’t be taken about. They did it to cover themselves, not because they care.


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