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Democrats Take Up Enviromentalism

Posted by Bobby on April 20, 2007

According to the Democratic parties agenda:

“The Democratic Party believes that it is our responsibility to protect America’s extraordinary natural resources. The health of our families and the strength of our economy depend on our stewardship of the environment.

We reject the false choice between a healthy economy and a healthy environment. Farming, fishing, tourism, and other industries require a healthy environment. New technologies that protect the environment will create new high-paying jobs. A cleaner environment means a stronger economy.”

On the surface this sounds like an incredibly noble statement, if your an uneducated boob that knows nothing about the economy or the environment. The two of those principles, economic concern and environmental concern, do not go hand in hand in the eyes of any hardcore environmentalist.

Environmentalism is one movement that, if you were to track it from the day it started to now, has shifted it’s views from the actual certain for the environment to an all out assault on the economy. No matter what the economy does, its never good enough for the environmental movement.

Take the current banning of using plastic bags in grocery stores in the grand ole city of San Fransisco. Plastic bags were put into use in order to save the trees. Now, San Fransisco has banned the use of plastic bags because plastic bags are made from petroleum, and burning petroleum hurts the environment.

Environmentalism hurts the economy. Period.

Now don’t look at me and think I just don’t care about the future of our planet. I care, but there is nothing wrong with our environment. Our water and food are cleaner and healthier than in was in the past thanks to plants and factories. We have more forestation in the USA than it had when Columbus first came here, because we have 300+ million people to house here. Loggers plant 2 trees for every one they cut down.

Global warming IS NOT HAPPENING! It’s based on faulty science. You’d be hard pressed to find an climatologist or scientist (who is not on the democratic payroll) who agrees with this theory.

So not only are the Democrats and Liberals aiding our enemies by refusing to fund our troops and giving them a date when we will be gone, they support an environmental agenda that has no science to back it up and will bring down our economy in the process. Gee, what a bunch of great Americans!


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