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Accusing Bush of an Agenda

Posted by Bobby on April 23, 2007

Let’s get away from religion and get back to Liberals. Unlike Liberals who have no drive to look into or debate opposing view points, I read Liberal writers and papers to find out what these people think. I came across one author, Deborah White, at that not only obscures the truth to point out conservative agendas that aren’t there, she is blind to the fact that her own party has a much more clear agenda.

Here is a quote from her latest article at

After the panel discussion, I asked Dr. Korb if the whispers were true that in winter 2007-08, President Bush and Congressional Republicans plan to declare the “surge” a success and pull large numbers of U.S. troops out of Iraq… just in time to positively affect the 2008 presidential election.

His response? Absolutely! They may not declare success, but they will time withdrawal of some troops to impact the presidential race.

An amazing assumption, but is it just me or can she not see past her on Liberal agenda far enough to see her own party can be more easily accused of this?

The Democratic congress has be fighting tooth and nail with the President to get him to accept a bill with a pull out date for the troops. Why, I ask you, if the Democrats believe that it is their duty to bring troops home, do they put a date in for pull out in 2008?

WHY!?! Because if they do that, when the troops come home they can say, “We did that. We brought your sons and daughters home. Vote for me!” Bush hasn’t said anything about an agenda to bring troops home in 2008 to buy votes–he hasn’t said anything about bringing them home–, but the Democrats have, at least, said half of that statement.

Hillary and Barack have have blatantly changed their dialect when speaking to minor groups in order to buy their votes. Do you really think that they would not use something as huge as bringing troops home to their advantage? Give me a break…


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