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Do God-Fearing People Fear Homosexuals?

Posted by Bobby on April 23, 2007

On the last post I made, someone left me a comment (which I am flattered that he/she read my post) asking to get my views on an article someone had posted on yahoo. It’s entitled “GOD TO SAME-SEXERS: “HURRY UP!””

I have to tell you, I honestly don’t follow this guy’s logic. He says that God supports the Gay Rights movement so that, I’m speculating here, Bible prophecies will be fulfilled and bring about the end of days told about in the book of Revelations.

After reading his article 3 or 4 times, I came to the realization, this guy seems scared of homosexuals. This is not uncommon. One of the most popular reasons for the anti-gay rights acts, I have heard, is that Christians–kind of lumping all God loving/fearing people into one category here–are afraid of what might happen if homosexuality were to become more public than it is. The main focus is on the children. What would a child think if they saw two men kissing in public or a billboard of two men holding hands. Its all about fear.

Let me put this as plainly as possible. Homosexuality is not a disease. Its not a virus that you might catch by drinking out of the same glass as a gay individual. It’s brought about by choice–sorry my homo friends, there are some people out there that first dabble in it to pacify curiosity than realize they like it–or birth–sorry Christians, science has proven that homosexuality can be brought about by irregular chromosome counts.

Homosexuals are people as well. You would never think to make love to your partner in public, why would a homosexual? Homosexuals have as much integrity as heterosexuals.

Fear of gay individuals is just childish. There are plenty of really scary things out there: Islamic Fascism, universal health care, the department of education, Liberals, the list goes on. The gay agenda doesn’t even show up on my list.

If you are scared for your children, try talking to them. Educated them on the difference and don’t shun them feeling a certain way. It kills me, emotionally, when I hear of gay individuals being shunned by their parents for their life choices. That is just sad.


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