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Do Homosexuals Fear Christians?

Posted by Bobby on April 23, 2007

I posted on what I think Christians think of homosexuals, but let’s take a quick look at the other side. In the article GOD TO SAME-SEXERS: “HURRY UP!”, the author brought up a very good point:

Gay activist John McKellar has stated: “The major media are all nonstop advertisements for the gay lifestyle, so how far are they prepared to go in denying free speech to Christians, Muslims, and Jews?

Schools and TV were once non-bias toward all subjects and showed all viewpoints. That is far from the case today. It’s okay to push homosexual acceptance and push that evolutionism is a science–which its not. But say a prayer, read the Bible, or voice your believe in God and you are persecuted for your beliefs. Who do we have to thank? Political Correctness.

It’s okay that somebody is offended by a prayer, but don’t think of being offended by a public display of gay affection. Totally hypocritical to expect to be appeased when someone offends you, but when you offend someone, that person should quit hating and get over it.

Can you guess which political party pushed such a blatant, hypocritical agenda? Well let’s just say its not the Republican or the Libertarian party.


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