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Hillary Against School Voucher System

Posted by Bobby on April 23, 2007

There is a problem with education in this country. Our kids tests scores are among the lowest in the world. Kids are trapped in failing schools, with no way of getting out. Who do we have to thank for this? Well, better write two letters; one to the Democrats and one to the Teachers Unions. These two groups are the reason why kids are failing.

Democrats have pushed for schools not to hold and/or fail kids anymore. Forget about the fact that the kid doesn’t understand any of the material that he is supposed to know before he passes to the next grade, if you hold him back, it will hurt his self-esteem.

Parents have been pushing for vouchers for their students. With these vouchers, the parents and the students can decide what school that their child will attend. Teachers Unions have fought this for years because this will cause competition between teachers. How is this bad? Competing teachers will weed out the bad teachers and you’ll nothing but good teachers left, not to mention teachers will have to come up with more interesting and intuitive ways of teaching. Teachers Unions don’t want competition because it will cause teachers to do their job. HOW HORRIBLE!

Let me help you out Mrs. Clinton. First of all, you said these vouchers are taxpayer dollars. What part of giving taxpayer money to taxpayers do you not like? Aren’t you the person that is pushing for universal health care and welfare for those “less fortunate.” If you are a person that stands behind her principles, you should have no problem with giving away that money.

Second, how about we make a list of schools that people can send their child too. As long as the school of jihad and white supremacy pass the state standard curriculum, they get on the list and the parents can do what they want!

That is part of the problem people. Democrats don’t want you to make your on decisions. They want you to rely on them for your problems. And when the government is the only one that can solve all your problems, you are no longer free.


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