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PBS Caves In to Islamic Fear

Posted by Bobby on April 25, 2007

“Islam vs. Islamists: Voices from the Muslim Center” highlights the work of moderate Muslims who oppose the Islamist agenda and are willing to speak out. PBS officials decided against airing the film, which PBS’s Robert MacNeil told the Diane Rehm Show earlier this month was “one-sided” and “alarmist.”

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You read that right. PBS is too scared to show a documentary in which Muslims, who live in America, speak out against Islamic Fasicist that want to set up Islamic “side laws” in America.

To give you an example of this “side law”, cab drivers in New York City are required to pick up anyone that wants a ride from the airport (can’t be racists or w/e). Islamic cab drivers–and there are a lot of them–want a special law in place that will allow them to “decline service” to anyone carrying alcohol.

The best part of all this is PBC’s statement of “one-sided.” This is the same station that is about to broadcast a documentary by Bill Moyers saying that Conservative stars like Hannity, Limbaugh, and O’Rilley are slime. Is PBS showing a hint of Liberism?


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