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Rosie Leaves The View

Posted by Bobby on April 25, 2007

I have to be honest with you. I really don’t care. I have never liked Rosie O’Donnell and probably never will. She’s a loud mouth Liberal who view her own opinion as the only opinion that can ever exist. In the year that she was on The View, she brought nothing to the show aside from her own Liberal views and proceeded to chew up and spit out any of the girls that disagreed with her–and not by debating the subject, but by not allowing the opposition to talk.

There are many speculations for why Rosie isn’t coming back. I think Barbara Walters is tired of either having to clean up after Rosie, or is jealous that Rosie is stealing the spot light on, what’s supposed to be, her show.

At any rate, good ridden.


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