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A Taste of Universal Health Care

Posted by Bobby on April 26, 2007

This is rich. Full article.

Cleaners at an NHS hospital with a poor record on superbugs have been told to turn over dirty sheets instead of using fresh ones between patients to save money.

Housekeeping staff at Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield, have been asked to re-use sheets and pillowcases wherever possible to cut a £500,000 laundry bill.

Posters in the hospital’s linen cupboards and on doors into the A&E department remind workers that each item costs 0.275 pence to wash.

Is this what you Universal Health Care pushers are wanting? A health care system that can’t afford to clean sheets?

It’s amazing how little Americans know about health care in other countries. Citizens think that if health care becomes government run everything will remain the same, except it will be free. What America doesn’t realize is our health is so great because the government doesn’t run it!

Look at the post office, look at our public schools, look at government health care now (medicare and medicade which experts think will be bankrupt by 2020), look at social security (bankrupt by 2075). Every time our government touches something, they make it worse and it will happen if Hillary gets her way. Just like when her husband gave more power to the Department of Education.

Just ask any Canadian, “What happens when one of your citizens gets cancer?” The reply? “They go to the US for treatment.”


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