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Goldberg’s New Book. Can It Expose Hillary?

Posted by Bobby on April 30, 2007

Bernard Goldberg–author of Bias and 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America–has written a new book in which he slams Hillary Clinton and calls her out on her blatant hypocrisy. This is nothing new, I think. Many people know about the hypocrisy she leads in her live. It astounds me to think that anyone would vote for such a two-faced shrew.

If you don’t know anything about Mrs. Bill Clinton’s long list of hypocritical behavior, let me help you out by naming a few:

Hillary speaks out for children’s rights; saying that children, baring any mental disabilities, should be able to make their own decisions in life without be held down by their parents, yet when her daughter, Chelsea, wanted to get her ears pierced, mommy said no.

Hillary is in heavy favor of teachers unions and public schools, but sent her own daughter to a private school while Bill was in office.

Two weeks after Bill Clinton became state attorney general of Arkansas, the “self-made, can stand on her own two feet” Hillary got a job at a prestigious law firm in Little Rocks. Two years later, when Bill became governor, she made partner. Way to stick it to the man, you go girl!

I could continue, but I’ll leave you with one word: Whitewater.


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