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Democratic Sell Out

Posted by Bobby on May 2, 2007

Sell out can know be added to the long list of negative traits for Democrats. In case you haven’t heard, George Tenet–former head of the CIA–is selling out President Bush in order to sell books. According to MSNBC,, “[d]irector George Tenet’s new book reveals sobering details of how the United States went to war with Iraq based on faulty intelligence and political opportunism.”

To understand the travesty of this, let’s back-track and examine who George Tenet is and what he did.

George Tenet was head of the CIA. For those of you who don’t know, the CIA is our foreign intelligence branch of our government. The CIA’s job is to spy, gather intel on other countries in order to keep us safe. Which means, the “faulty intelligence” President Bush used as a basis for going to war in Iraq was present to him by (you could see where I was going with this a mile away couldn’t you) George Tenet.

Oh it gets better. Guess who appointed George Tenet the job. Bill Clinton.

Bush has made many mistakes in office. His major mistake, trust. He trusted the attorneys of the Clinton Administration and allowed them to keep their job. Seven of the get fired and you have this Alberto Gonzales controversy. Now, you have an appointee of Clinton who gave the President faulty information, which our President used to start war. Now that same appointee is going to write a book about the President trusted him with the faulty information he gave.

Is anyone else just dumb-founded by this?


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