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Can You Say Oxymoron?

Posted by Bobby on May 6, 2007

Through my study and readings on the Democratic party, I have come across one of the most mind numbing concepts to hit me and my involvement in politics. Its a term known as the Conservative Democrat.

Here is a blog of one such individual with this mission statement:

The purpose of this site is to give a voice to long overlooked mainstream Democrats. For too long, the views of Democrats who are populist on economic issues and traditionalist on social issues have been ignored by the Democratic Party. Our goal is to rebuild the moderate-conservative wing of the Democratic Party and create a new Democratic majority based on concern for working families, common sense and mainstream values.

I’m currently reading Bernard Goldberg’s “Crazies to the Left; Wimps to the Right,” and in the first chapter of his book, he talks about his upbringing. Long story short, he grew up a steadfast Liberal Democrat and, through his experiences in college, CBS (where he worked), and general life, he converted to conservatism.

What I’m not understanding is this. The principals he described as a Liberal were, ironically, also conservative view points. His main concern was that he thought conservatives were racist. Conservatives, mainly those in the south, did not want the Civil Rights Act to pass (History lesson. Senator Robert Byrd, long time Liberal Democrat representative of West Virginia, voted against the Civil Rights Act, saying, “[I would] never submit to a fight beneath that banner [the American flag] with a Negro by my side.”). Later, Mr. Goldberg changed his ways when he saw how CBS reported news with a Liberal slur and after the Liberal bashing of troops in Vietnam (Can you say Deja Vu?).

While I have no problem with the Democratic party having a conservative side, it makes me wonder how these individuals would vote. Would they vote based on their personal convictions, or would they vote based on their loyalty to their political party?

Those that vote based on their personal convictions, I applaud you. I wish the Democratic party had a Conservative candidate or two. It would make voting a little more interesting.

For those of you voting based on your loyalty, let’s talk. The Democratic party is no longer the party of JFK or Thomas Jefferson. That Democratic party is gone. The Democratic party of today is one build by George Soros and the Radical Left. A vote for the Democratic party is not a vote for freedom, but one of socialism.

I don’t want to tell you how to vote, just this. Politicians can change their principles, and you can’t stop them. But you don’t have sacrifice your principles to keep them in office.


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