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American Progress Held Back By Environmentalist’s

Posted by Bobby on May 8, 2007

I have become more and more disillusioned by the environmentalist movement every time I open my eyes to get out of bed in the morning. Every time I turn around, these apocalyptic morons are not only using scare tactics to govern how we live, but holding the progress of our great nation back by suggesting inefficient tactics to save the environment.

Take this article in the Wall Street Journal. Kris Hudson and Rebecca Smith wrote that Wal-mart has decided to go green. Installing solar panels on 22 stores in California and Hawaii. Environmentalist love when corporations use solar panels. Sure because it’s a safe source of energy, but for another reason. The cost of these solar panels outweighs the money that it saves in energy, thus crippling corporations that use them. Just ask yourself, if solar panels are so effective, why don’t environmentalist groups use them on their headquarters. Why don’t Hollywood environmentalist’s use them on their houses? Thankfully, Wal-mart has decided to test the theory before going national.

But how does this hinder progress? Because first of all, crippling companies that waste money on energy efficient fairy tales will not grow, thus no new jobs, products, ect. But that’s not the biggest way they stomp on American progress. Nuclear power is proven to be a clean/renewable energy source. France is almost completely nuclear and they have so much left over energy, they are selling it to other countries. But, environmental movements have protested the research of nuclear power in the US because it’s not natural.

Now come on, we use natural energy and we are either wasting money (solar), killing birds (wind), or killing the environment (oil). We try to find a renewable and clean power source and it’s not natural enough. Can you people be pleased at all?

And no, nuclear power is not dangerous. Not one person has ever died from nuclear power in the United States. And don’t forget that while China and other countries continue to drill for oil in our waters (yes, China is drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico), our country is beginning to fall behind other industrial countries because we continue to tailor our ways to these anti-America environmentalist groups.


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