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UK Schools Are Forced to Diversify

Posted by Bobby on May 8, 2007

In an article by, schools in the UK–private and public–are now being forced to “promote race relations or close.” Christian, Jewish, and even Muslim schools are being instructed to create relations with each other in order for the children to understand one another.

Sounds good right? So why do I post this? Because the pressure of the situation is not being put on the Muslim schools (because their aren’t any), the pressure is being put on private Christian schools. The government is now stepping in and telling these private schools, that receive no money from the government, are being told to open their curriculum to Muslim subjects in order to diversify, and if they decide not to, the government will shut them down.

Where is the since in all this? Why does a private Christian school–private means you have to pay a lot of money to put your kids in that school and you only send your child there by choice–have to accommodate for anyone at all? It is a private school before it is a Christian school. If you don’t want your kids to be taught in a Christian environment, don’t pay the extra money to send your kids there. This is just another way the socialists and the liberals are trying to make good with the Islamic Fascists in the middle east. Do enough good deeds and they may not kill you. I have never seen a more cowardly group of people in my life.



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