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Obama’s Political Tactics?

Posted by Bobby on May 9, 2007

One of the key points I have brought up against all of the Democratic presidential candidates is that most of them don’t nearly have the political credentials of their Republican counter-parts. This isn’t more evident in any of the Left contenders as in Barak Obama. This guy hasn’t been a senator for more than 3 years and he is already thinking he can carry the Democratic ticket. The worst part about this candidate is based on his lack of experience, you don’t know what type of president he will be. Well, I think we found out.

In this Wall Street Journal article Barak Obama “called a government-industry bargain: Auto makers would get some federal assistance for their crippling retiree health-care costs, in return for producing more fuel-saving hybrid vehicles.”

So, is he going to use government money to persuade corporations to fill his agenda? It’s bad enough he is towing the environmental line, but he is resorting to blackmail? Pathetic.


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