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Tony Blair Steps Down

Posted by Bobby on May 11, 2007

In a shocking move (not sure how shocking, I am, after all, not British), Tony Blair has decided to step down as Prime Minister of the Labour Party in the UK. I don’t know the full story. I don’t know what his approval rating in UK was (it has to be higher than Bush’s). I don’t know what pressure he is receiving from his people and constituents. I don’t know what he personal life is like. His stepping down could be justified, but since I haven’t heard any of these, I’ll go with my gut feeling.

I respect Tony Blair. If he is being forced to step down because of his involvement with the Iraq War, I feel more sorry for him than I probably should, but, I have to say, I am glad he is not the leader of my country.

Look at how Tony Blair handled the 6 sailors that were captured by Iran situation. They had the proof that they were no where near Iranian waters. This was an act of war! But, what does Blair do? He asks them to play fair. He could have rallied the world behind him, mounted up the forces, taken his troops back, and horse whipped it’s leaders in shape. But instead, he goes to the UN and plays that BS game. Spineless, to say the least.

The leader of any country has to be one that, when faced with pressure of foreign governments or his own people, needs to stand up to his critics and remind them what’s at stake. The UK isn’t alien to terror attacks. They have had their own attacks, people have died, and they know what’s at stake in Iraq. At least they used to know. Just like our country now, the Liberal media and others opposed to the war are now fueling the public with tails of lose and death from Iraq. Stand up for what you know is right, not for what the media or your critics, the people who don’t want you in office anyway, thinks you should be doing.

I’m happy we have a leader willing to saddle up and ride that horse to the end. I’m happy he isn’t playing nice with the Democratic congress (who has an approval rating matching the Presidents). I’m glad that this man wants to fight these monsters and bring an era of peace back to this world.

On a final note, Tony Blair, I am happy you stood by us as long as you did, but if you are tired of this war you did the right thing. I guess it is just time for someone else to take the reins. Let’s just hope you didn’t step down so a Liberal socialist could take over and botch everything up.


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