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Free Speech or CBS Under Fire?

Posted by Bobby on May 13, 2007

Everyone in the entertainment industry knows, radio is the last outlet for free speech. Every other outlet of media has been under scrutiny for saying or doing something offensive, but CBS seems to just enjoy caving into political correctness and for firing people who someone might find offensive.

Everyone knows about the Imus situation. Imus was fired from his CBS funded morning show for calling the Rutger’s female basketball team “nappy headed hoes.” But, it doesn’t stop there. Friday, CBS fired two radio shock jocks for making a prank phone call to a Chinese restaurant and pocked fun at Asian stereotypes (read the full article here, but let me say this. One of this jock’s wife is Asian).

Now CBS is in another situation, and if they are consistent they will fire two more radio jocks. XM Radio’s shock jocks Opie and Anthony are caught up in a controversy after having a guest on their show who repeatedly talked about raped and beating Condoleezza Rice and Laura Bush.

Is all this the result of talk radio and other radio shows under fire for abusing free speech, is this CBS caving into the pressure of the PC cops, or is CBS trying to gain publicity from all these controversies? I would be inclined to lean toward the first option, but since all this has happened to people on the CBS payroll, I think its too early to say.


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