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Completely Oblivious Liberals

Posted by Bobby on May 15, 2007

I’m making a long list of single words that describe Liberals, and I just found another! Liberals have got to be the most oblivious group of politicians in Washington. Example: Gun Control. No matter how many facts you give them proving that gun laws, when tried, only raise crime and/or murder rates, Liberals will just look at you and say “Gun are bad, m’kay.” Taxes are another.

I’m going to spell this out first. Tax cuts work! Raising taxes does nothing but hurt our economy (which some might argue that that’s what Liberals want), and here is how. Raising taxes always hurts the rich. Liberals wouldn’t have it any other way. So any money the rich make, goes mostly to taxes. Tax cuts come in and they have all this extra money. Now rich people are rich for a reason, they are smart with their money, so they take all this extra money and invest it! Investing into American corporations which increases jobs (which our country has a 95.5% employment rating right now) and causes us to grow. But, don’t worry, they still have to pay taxes on dividends. Our government just took in a record amount of tax money. So, taxes are cut so the rich have more money to invest, jobs are created getting more people off welfare, and the government STILL gets their money. IT WORKS! I love things that work.

But, Liberals won’t be fooled so easily. Obama is already talking about raising taxes. I just don’t understand these people. You give them the facts and they turn their nose up to it and continue pushing their failed programs. Oblivious or insanity?


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