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Cooking the Books to Support Cooking of the World

Posted by Bobby on May 15, 2007

I have never been one to talk too much about the Global Warming hysteria that is sweeping across our nation (at least not here on my blog). Normally, I am a person who just LOVES to debate. I try to informed on most topics that interest me just in case I run into that person on the street that wants to “throw down.” But Global Warming nuts, well they just don’t offer any sort of a challenge to me. The science is not there. You can not scientifically back up man-made global warming, you just can’t. So debating this topic is much like trying to debate 2 + 2 = 5. No matter how much you scream it, its just never going to be true.

But never the less, my dad sent me this article. To paraphrase, it basically talks about how scientists and Al Gore (never lump him in with the scientist category), in the early stages of this hysteria, were “cooking the books” in order to promote this hair-brained theory.

Like I said, this topic is getting too easy. Kinda like Liberalism.


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