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Because They Hate

Posted by Bobby on May 16, 2007

I’ve said this before, in the aftermath of 9/11, Liberals (and now Ron Paul) believe we should sit down and think “Why do they hate us?” Well, I’m going to answer that question and prove that its not just us they hate.

I’ve documented several cases where Islamic fascists have killed in the name of Allah in several other countries. And now, Al-Qaeda has threatened France for voting in a conservative president.

So why? Why do they have so much hate? It’s because we promote freedoms to people that contradict what Islam is based on. We–conservatives, they do not libs–promote freedom of religion, freedom of the individual, freedom of women and other races, but most of all, we are not afraid to fight those who oppress the freedoms of others.

“You said they don’t hate Libs!” Correct, libs are weak. Libs go out of their way to try to appease these fascists. Why would they hate someone that is afraid of them? Libs are empowering this radical religion. Libs are working to bring our troops out of their land, Islamists are happy for this. Make no mistake though Libs, if you get rid of us conservatives, the Islamic militants will not go away. Libs promote feminism and gay marriage. You think Islamic fascists are going to let that slide? They are being nice to you for now because you are helping them, and when they no longer need your help, you will be in the sites of their AK’s.

So why do they hate us? Because… now can we rid the world of these barbarians?


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