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Nutrition Group Sues Burger King

Posted by Bobby on May 16, 2007

A non-profit (which in of itself is bogus, if you make no money, how can you afford litigation?) nutrition group is suing Burger King for using trans fat. Seems like you can sue for just about everything.

First of all, why is a “nutrition” group suing Burger King? In order to sue someone, I thought that someone has to effect you directly. So, why are people that strive for nutrition eating at Burger King? If they don’t eat at Burger King, why are they suing? Preach about the dangers of trans fat and let the consumer decide where they want to eat; don’t decide for them. Beside, isn’t it possible that someone that eats at Burger King regularly might like the trans fat?

Second and most importantly, are these people so helpless, or do they think that people who dine at Burger King are so helpless that they need to sue a corporation to protect somebody? Who assigned this group to be the nutritional ‘babysitters’ of America?

What’s next? PETA suing zoos for having locked up animals? Source


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