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Terminating Personal Responsibility

Posted by Bobby on May 17, 2007

Governor Schwarzenegger has come up with a plan to help insure the 6.5 million people in his state who do not have health coverage.

The plan, which Mr. Schwarzenegger estimated would cost $12 billion, calls for many employers that do not offer health insurance to contribute to a fund that would help pay for coverage of the working uninsured. It would also require doctors to pay 2 percent and hospitals 4 percent of their revenues to help cover higher reimbursements for those who treat patients

You read that right, doctors will have to pay 2 percent and hospitals 4 percent to help out people who don’t have health coverage. What’s next? Taxing teachers for new schools to be built? Taxing cops to help pay for the bullets in their guns? What ever happened to personal responsibility? Why don’t these people have health insurance? Can they not afford it, or do they not want to sacrifice to have health coverage? By the way, 1 million of that number is estimated to be illegal immigrants. I thought Schwarzenegger was a Republican. If was a doctor… so long California.



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