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Deep Look at the Immigration Bill

Posted by Bobby on May 19, 2007

I took a day off yesterday to really soak up all the information I can on this immigration bill that is just now being written. I have heard so many people’s opinions on this bill and while I am going to heavily comment on this bill, its not etched in stone. This thing can change at anytime. It might not even pass through the senate or the house.

Let’s start with the obvious. This is an amnesty bill. Amnesty, by definition, means the forgiveness for breaking a law. A $5000 fine does not cover the charges that could be brought up against these illegals. Not only did they break the law by illegally crossing the border, but most have driver’s licenses and filled taxes annually. The only way they could do those things is by having fake documents. If you or I decided to fake tax documents or social security cards, our asses would be in jail for 20+ years. Not these people, so no matter how you look at it, this is amnesty.

Once this bill went into effect, all illegals would have to do is step up and–let’s start here–pay a $5000 fine. The average annual salary of an illegal immigrant is $12,000. We expect them to come up with half their annual salary? Than you also looking at the fact that the ACLU will probably step forward and sue to have this fine taken away, saying “Your taking money out of their families mouths.” Or something like that.

After paying the fine, they have to either apply for a Z-visa or go home to apply for full citizenship. Let’s start with the obvious, they are not going home, period. Most just want to work and don’t care about citizenship. The Z-visa, from what I’ve heard, grants them temporary legal status. The provisions of this visa requires them to have a job and follow the law or they go home.

Okay, currently, we have laws in effect that if someone breaks the law and if during the process of booking them you find out that they are illegal, you are supposed to deport them now. Right now, you have cities that have said they will not turn over criminal illegals, so why would they with this new bill? And the job thing, as it stands, a lot of these illegals don’t have steady jobs. They stand outside Home Depot waiting for work. Are they going to go home instantly? Do that, and they come right back across the border.

And about that, there are provisions in the bill requiring more border security. A 730 miles fence, more border control, and others. We have a bill that has already passed saying to put up a 800 mile fence on the Mexican border. We have built 2 miles. Why should we expect the new law to be followed.

Okay, let’s say I’m a pessimist and everything works out. Border is secure, these 15 million become citizens along with their families, and become hard working Americans. We now have to pay for the children of these 15 million immigrants to go to school. We will need more schools and guess who gets to pay for that…

What about when they retire? Robert Rector, fellow from the Heritage Fountain, has researched the impact these immigrants will have on our economy. When 9 million of these people decide to retire, it will cost us $2.5 trillion. This will bankrupt our country.

And make no mistake, this will be the end of the GOP. Republicans, as a whole, do not want this bill. There are already a number of republicans who are displeased with their party because of the spending and that’s how the democrats won the house and senate. If the republican congressman support this, that’s it. Republicans will loose everything, because they are just flat out not listening to their voters. Add that with the fact that two out of three immigrants typically vote democratic, thanks to unions and peer pressure, the GOP is over.

But don’t get your hopes up, this hasn’t even been written on paper and it getting criticism from all sides of the political battlefield. Not just because of what it says, but because of how this was put together (behind closed doors, totally against procedure). I will be very surprised if this passes.


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