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McCain is Done.

Posted by Bobby on May 20, 2007

If there is one thing that is certain to come from this bill is that McCain has lost his chance as a Republican President. McCain, at the latest presidential debate on Fox News, declared that he, unlike anyone else on that stage, had been consistent in his track record for voting. He has never flipped-flopped on any issue. I really don’t care enough to research whether this is true or not, but one thing is clear, McCain’s “voting record” is not a conservative voting record. He votes for spending; he’s against the Iraq war; he wants Guantanamo Bay closed; now he want amnesty for millions of illegals, despite the strict opposition from his own party. He may be consistent, but he is consistently confused.

Now, he is getting in arguments with his own party, saying to Sen. John Cornyn: “F— YOU! I know MORE about this than anyone else in the room!” Who is this guy? He doesn’t push his parties agenda; he cusses at his fellow GOP members but works with Reid and Kennedy behind closed doors. Is he a plant from the democratic party? Would make a lot more sense.


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