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Immigration Bill Passes in the Senate

Posted by Bobby on May 21, 2007

Edit: Apologizes, I kinda jumped the gun there. The vote today was to approve the start of the debate on the bill, so it hasn’t actually left the senate yet. Carry on.

Welp, it happened, the senators in Washington no longer listen to their voters.

The Senate approved a wide-ranging overhaul of immigration laws Thursday, voting 62-36 to bolster security at the Mexican border and to grant many illegal immigrants a path toward citizenship.

American democracy is being flushed down the toilet. This bill was passed without proper appropriations, without budget analysis, and without even listening to the American people.

The only good thing to come out was that at least a majority of GOP members voted against the bill. Of the GOP representatives “23 backing it and 32 opposing. Among Democrats voting, 38 supported the bill and four did not. The chamber’s independent Senator voted in favor.” Not sure where its going to go from here. Pelosi has said she won’t back it unless they have 70 republican votes.

This is insane. I don’t care if it’s a by-partisan compromise or not, its a bad deal. And the Democrats are trying hard to push this bill while Bush is in office, because it doesn’t matter who wrote the bill. When it comes down to who to blame when this deal goes soar (and it will), Bush will be blamed for it. And if he signs this bill, this is what he will be known for. Forget his battle against militant Islam, he gave 15 million criminals amnesty and bankrupted our country.



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