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Immigration Bill Keeps Rolling Along

Posted by Bobby on June 7, 2007

I have to be honest. I am really, really, really trying to look at this bill objectively. Not because its what’s best for this country or anything, but because our president, someone I have stood up for, has put so much bank into this thing. So after many weeks of quiet reflection, I have come to a conclusion that I honestly haven’t heard anyone else say: If this bill passes, nothing will change. And this is how I got there:

All of the enforcement provisions in this bill are not going to be enforced. We have these laws on the books now and they are not being enforced. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have this problem. There is no reason for them to be enforced, so they just simply won’t.

Now for the amnesty part. As it stands, in order for an illegal to get citizenship, the illegal has to pay a fine, go home, learn English, and get to the back of the line for citizenship. There are two reasons why people come to this country illegally: to work or to escape their oppressive governments. In order to work, they don’t need citizenship. Just get a Z-visa. And if they came to escape their ex-governments, would they really come forward only to be forced to go home and start a 13 year process? If they do happen to want citizenship, they will not follow these guidelines.

And the Z-visa thing. What is the difference between the Z-visa’s and how they are working now? If they get a Z-visa, they have to pay a fine. Without it, they don’t. With a Z-visa, they have to pay taxes. Without it, they don’t. Starting to see my point? And don’t they have to keep a steady job in order to stay in the country on the visa? Some of these illegals stand outside Home Depot and work when they find it. Will they come forward? Sure, without the visa, they are in danger of being deported, but if we actually enforced the deportation laws, we, again, wouldn’t have this problem.

And don’t forget about those illegals with a criminal record. They are supposed to be deported immediately. Will they come forward?

So its simple. The laws enforcing immigration will not be enforced, and illegals will most likely not come forward for all the reasons I mentioned above. Why would they?

But, don’t worry. This thing hasn’t made it out of the senate yet, and it’s about to fall apart already. And even if it makes it out of the senate, it still has to undergo house scrutiny, and Pelosi does not support this bill.


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