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Paris Interview on Larry King

Posted by Bobby on June 29, 2007

I haven’t been posting much on here due to my tight schedule with school this summer. I have also tried my hardest to steer clear of this Paris nonsense (which is a chore with all the media coverage), but this Larry King interview just threw me over the edge. Here is a little bit of it:

If you didn’t watch it, I’ll highlight some major points here. First of all, she lied. Flat out lied. I don’t blame Larry King for that. He boosts about the fact he doesn’t do homework on his guests before shows, plus… well, he has to be at least 115 years old. If you didn’t watch the video above, he asked her if she had ever done drugs. She said no. In the video above, after that question/answer, the author showed video footage of Paris smoking pot. Smooth Paris.

Second, this just dumbs down journalism horribly. This interview was laughable. Absolutely laughable. But at least Larry asked her some really tough questions. Lets recap a few:

“Have you ever had a meal with Stalin?”

“I hear there is a city in France your named after. What is it?”

Oh and let’s not forget the incredibly intuitive…

“What hotel chain is your family involved in?”


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