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9/11 Anniversary

Posted by Bobby on September 13, 2007

I’m posting this the day after the 6 year anniversary of the most horrendous attacks to ever happen on American soil, 9/11. I, like most Americans I’m sure, spent the day in quiet reflect and prayer for the victims and their families of this tragedy. Many have said that, “There are now 3 distinct shifts in time; B.C., A.D., and Post-9/11.” America was forever changed on that day. We now look over our shoulder. If you are like me, you have an even greater fear of flying. But, mostly importantly, we all realize that some people will kill without good reason, and now radical Islam is a big factor in shaping the future of America.

Unfortunately, there are some that view this as a chance to either profit off the misfortune of the dead, or to berate that country which has been a driving force for the modern world, The United States of America.

Although it is despicable to use the death of anyone to make a profit, I can’t fully fault them for it. These people who use they deaths of 9/11 to create conspiracy theories—which soon turn into websites with subscribers or what have you—are driven not only financially, but mentally as well.

After studying many conspiracy theories (the 9/11 ones, the Free Masons, ect), I have come to realize what drives these people. Happiness. Yes, happiness. These people who come up with these theories typically have too much control over their own lives. They are successful at work or in relationships, but they feel empty. They feel like things are supposed to be this good. Look at Africa, Asia, South America; people are starving and dying of disease. Why do I have things so good, but they have it so bad? It has to be this evil empire in which I live! So they take something like 9/11, and turn it into a conspiracy theory to try and bring some balance to their lives.

But, why do they take their demonstrations to the public morning grounds of ground-zero? So they can get news coverage for their web-sites/book deals? Or, maybe they actually believe it? I don’t what the reasoning is behind such public displays of anger or aggression, but really all comes down to decency. Something of which, I wonder if the Left has anymore.

Then there are those people who hate America. Why? How could anyone hate the country that has liberated more people from tyranny than any other country in the world? We cloth the naked, feed the hungry, give medicine to the sick, and more money to the poor than any other country in the world. We demonstrate the importance of free markets and of individual growth. We teach by example the importance of conservation of resources. And most importantly, we show the importance of a strong political debate in this country. A debate that continues the flow of ideas, but the Left in this country wants to stop ALL OF THAT!

They complain about the war of Iraq that liberated millions of people from the tyrannical hand of Sadam Hussan; they complain about diversity and political correctness; they complain about unfair market prices and our over use of resources, when they have no idea how a market works; they complain about talk radio and other conservatives that are able to get their message out, but none of that matters to them. The only thing that matters to the Left is power and control.

Folks, we have got to wise up. We have got to remember what has made this country great. This is one of the youngest countries in the world and it has pasted up everyone else, and we need to remember how! Most importantly, on the day after 9/11, we need to remember those martyrs that died in those twin towers. Not because they were evil or because they deserved to die. They were killed because they lived in the greatest country this world has ever seen. Don’t push 9/11 out of your heads. It is a stain on everyone’s memory. We need to remember that day, because America will only live on while her people are willing to die for her.

God Bless you and God Bless our troops in Iraq.


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