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Could Hillary Be Good for America?

Posted by Bobby on October 10, 2007

The right in this country has quite a conundrum on their hands. After eight years of a less than popular president and a group of presidential candidates that have flipped on most issues or living like a liberal, the base is not energized for next year’s election. This lack of enthusiasm has resulted in low fund raising numbers, and popular right-wing leaders pushing for a third party. While the primaries might not be over, Senator Clinton has a substantial lead in the polls, and with all the bickering on the right, we may be looking at our next president. But, would that be a bad thing?

Since the day he took office, President Bush has been bashed by the left, and we all feel like we have to stand up for him. The Iraq War, the War on Terrorism, and the illegal immigration debate has been nothing but a fight between bi-partisan groups. The corruption and broken promises of the republican congress have dropped the spirits of much of the base as well. We, on the right, are tired. We are tired of politics and sticking up for a party that gives us nothing in return.

The right isn’t the only ones suffering from all the above. The independents of this country are not only tired of the bickering on topics of the day, they are just tired of the bi-partisan war in general, and this is the group that decides national elections.

America needs a symbol—a person or a thing—to stand behind and get us rallied to defeat the socialistic plan that the far left has for this country. But with a poor selection of presidential candidates and a republican party that spends just as much as a democratic congress, where are we to find it? I think it will be found in the countries first possible female president, Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

We already have an idea of how Mrs. Clinton will govern as president. She has said she will raise taxes, increase entitlement programs, and take profits from successful companies. She has already released the health care program she will push and with a democratic lead congress, she will most likely get it through this time. Do you think this is what anyone on the right or the center is wanting?

Higher taxes will surely throw our country into an economic slant and cause unemployment to rise. Increased entitlement programs will cause more government spending, a higher deficit, and will also have a hand in a rise unemployment. Why should people work if the government is handing out money simply because you don’t have any? Do you think right-winger and independents will enjoy the following?

What about the Iraq war? In her last debate with MSNBC, Mrs. Clinton (as well as Obama and Edwards) said that they would not commit to pulling troops out of Iraq by the end of her first term. While this might not matter to most Americans, since polls are showing more and more support the war in Iraq, but this will definitely not go over well with her far left-wing base.

Do you honestly think that when she takes office, she is going to repeal the wire-tap programs and the Patriot Act? Do you think that Hillary would honest risk a terror attack under her watch, when there hasn’t been one in 9/11 under Bush’s watch? Don’t hold your breath.

Let’s not get too excited though. Mrs. Clinton may be sitting on high poll numbers, making her the shoe-in for the democratic nomination, but she is far from president. Soon she will have to answer tough questions and debate someone with a much better economic and a tougher foreign policy.

She runs the risk of alienating her base and rallying them against her, since she has recently changed her war stance. This might cause the young base to skip election day like they have the last couple of national elections, and don’t forget her 49% negatives. Never before has there been such a polarizing figure running for such a high office.

So while the prospect of another Clinton in the oval office might not be a happy thought in the minds of many Americans, it might be just what we need to get this country back on the right track. Let’s just hope she doesn’t do too much damage while she’s there, but then again, that could also work to our advantage.


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