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Don’t do it Democrats!

Posted by Bobby on March 4, 2009

As a conservative, I would consider it counter-productive to give the Obama administration and his Democrats in Congress advice on how to handle… well, anything. But, when I saw this headline on the Politico, I felt it was my duty as a human-being to pull the proverbial gun away from their head.

Let’s start at the beginning. The Left needs an enemy. Ever since 2007, the Democrats has realized that demonizing a person is incredibly effective, more so than demonizing what people stood for. Whether this comes from Rules for Radicals or the Dems have their hands on a excellent strategist, we may never know for sure. But one thing is clear… it works.

Look at the 2007 mid-term elections. After their election back to power in the House and Senate, the Dems and the Left-wing media and blogs went on a rampage demonizing Bush. Every chance that presented itself was pounced on like a cat hunting down its first meal in days.

It would be ignorance to think that Bush had no effect on the outcome of the election. The Obama campaign–as well as the media and his internet mafia–had as one of their main strategies was to put Bush on the ballot. Rahm Emanuel said as much. Titles and slogans like “McSame” and “Bush’s third term” were used fervently to describe John McCain, even though he sometimes fought day and night against President Bush. This, coupled with Obama obtuse pledge of change, saw an easy win for the Big O.

Now that Bush is gone, and the elections have been won, one could conclude that there would be no need for anymore demons. As Obama might put it: Time to move forward. But, one would be wrong. You see, Obama was elected with the largest majority of young voters ever. These young individuals might seem like they are energetic for Obama and his change, and they probably are. But there is another characteristic these kids carry that scares Obama and his prospects for the mid-term election in 2010. They are lazy, and they need to be entertained. Thanks to at-your-command media venues like YouTube and the internet in general, kids these days have lost the ability to be self-entertaining and require others to do it for them. This is were the last election came into play. Having someone to vote against is much more exciting and entertaining than voting for someone you agree with. This is why they need a demon, but this is also why Rush Limbaugh is the wrong choice.

Bush was a perfect target for the Left, while he was in office. Attacking him required little creativity, and Bush never fought back. Whether he held a respect for the office of the Presidency that meant not responding to detractors or just didn’t care is unknown. What is known though, Limbaugh is not a quiet person. Limbaugh has three hours, five days a week to talk and respond to allegations thrown from the White House. But even more threatening is Limbaugh’s show itself. Does the White House and the Obama Administration really believe that people are going to take what they say about Limbaugh at face value, shrug in agreement, and continue to drink the coolaid? Some will, but some won’t. They will listen to Limbaugh’s show, and what happens when these young, impressionable minds begin to hear conservatism articulated as it has never been before?

I make no secret of the fact that I like Rush Limbaugh. I, like many other conservatives, listen to Rush not only for his insight and political commentary on today’s events, but also for his entertainment factor encapsulated in his show. Seeing this, one might think that this post is some desperate plee to leave the man alone; to pick on someone your size–considering Obama has the backing of the Oral Office. One would be wrong. My plee is not to leave Limbaugh alone for Limbaugh’s sake, but to leave Limbaugh alone for Democrats sake.

If nothing else convinces you Democrats out there, just ask Harry Reid how well attacking Limbaugh works out.


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