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Thoughts on the RNC Chair

Posted by Bobby on March 4, 2009

When dealing with anything Republican, I find myself in a more awkward position than I do with the Democrats. As a conservative, the Democrat machine has become place where my kind are not welcome. One might ask about the “Blue-Dog” Democrats that occupy seats in the house that voted for McCain during the election, but it is apparent in order to get along, you have to go along. When faced with a tough decision of voting with their party or their actual voters, these Democrats have to either revolt or run to mommy and ask permission. So, for Democrats to conservatives in their party, were vote our way or lose campaign money.

My feelings for the Republicans are a bit more jaded, though. Conservatives seem to have a bigger voice in the Republican party, but when they support policies and practices like earmarks and growing the size of government (seen plainly during the Bush years), my beliefs shift between anger and disappointment. If they had focused better on controlling the budget and the size of government, I honestly believe the Democrat party would still be in the minority. But that is the past, we must look forward. Which brings me to Michael Steele.

According to Politico, “key party leaders are worried that the GOP has made a costly mistake”. Is it just me, or are there some Republicans who are more than happy to throw their compatriots overboard in an attempt to please liberals?

In case you missed it, this infighting started with little miss communication on Steele’s part, a reprimand by Limbaugh, and ended with Steele’s apology. Democrats some how equate this to Steele–and by extension the whole party–having some sort of obligation to Limbaugh. This is not the case. At best, Steele’s apology was meant to appease not Limbaugh myself but Limbaugh listeners, and who are Limbaugh listeners? By and large, they are conservative Republicans. This is no different from Democrats paying their respects to or “kissing the ring” at annual DailyKos conventions. These are constituency groups, and you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

The Politico story goes on to mention a few gaffs. Hardly enough of a reason to kick the guy out. At best, it makes him Vice Presidential material.

Don’t misunderstand, Steele has a lot to work on. He needs to realize that he is the leader of a party that is quickly falling apart. Their base is quickly dispersing and the public in general does not trust Republicans anymore. Steele needs to get back behind the current and fix problems before they destroy our party. He needs to find candidates to replace Spectar, Snowe, and Collins (for you Obama voters, they are the only reason the stimulus passed). He has expressed a desire to reach out to the black population. Great! But he isn’t going to be able to do it alone and talking to D.L. Hugley isn’t going to do it. You need to find black, conservative candidates to reach out to these communities for you. Am I wrong in thinking that blacks want a candidate on the streets with them and not a talking-head on TV? I don’t think I am.

We have a long way to go, and this is the perfect opportunity for it. More and more people are not happy with the spending and bailouts coming from Congress, but you only have one and a half years to capitalize on it. Get to work before we lose this chance to redefine what Republicans stand for.


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