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Health Care Summit

Posted by Bobby on March 5, 2009

So today marketed the first day of the Obama endorsed health care summit in Washington. Today, the best minds Washington has to offer, the same minds that said trillions in bailouts funds given to banks, insurance giants, and automotive companies would fix the problem, decided to come together under the watchful eyes of our leader and deliver unto us a solution for individual inability to buy health care.

Aren’t these the same people that held a fiscal responsibility summit, then the following week, introduced a spending with 9,000 earmarks in it? Is it safe to assume that next week, we will have a bill moving through Congress that does nothing to fix any of the problems with health care?

I truly do not understand people who think Washington is the correct body of people to oversee every one’s health care. It’s beyond me. What have they ever done right? This line of thinking never seems to work on those who can’t think, so let me put it this way (if you are not a sycophant Obama supporter, you may stop reading here). Would you want George W. Bush, or an individual with his intelligence, running your health care? We elected Bush twice. There is nothing stopping us from electing someone just as stupid in the future.


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