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A Historical Night

Posted by Bobby on March 19, 2009

Welp, tonight is the big night. Tonight, the President of the United States of America is going to do what any other has done and go on a late night television comedy show. It is easy to see both sides of the “effects” coin, here. On one side, the president is obviously lowering himself to the position of the jester, and on the other side, the president comes off as a normal guy in a normal atmosphere in which he can state his message. Of course, the reason for doing this is definitely that of Obama’s making.

It is obvious that Obama is still cruising in campaign mode. I image that it would be hard to just switch that off after nearly one and a half years of campaigning for the position he now holds. It is obvious why he is doing this. He did it with the passage of his not-so-stimulus bill, and he now has to campaign for the results of his stimulus. Tonight, his message will most likely consist of a positive message about the economy, because it is effecting the rest of his agenda. Even the Duke basketball coach is joining the drum-beat of “eyes on your own paper!

A good question would be: is all this campaigning necessary? For Obama? Oh my, yes.

I enjoy studying human nature. Maybe it is my marketing degree or my love of story telling, but I am intrigued by the most complex of all God’s creations. And what I have learned–that has anything to do with Obama–is this: humans are more likely to unite in opposition to an enemy than unite behind the positivity of a leader. I might create a post on the subject later, but for now, just remember how everyone felt after 9/11 for an example.

Now, Obama was elected under the positive message of change. That same message saw his voters turn into a cult-like following of crying men and women who looked to Obama as a rockstar with the power who execute what his songs sang of. Well, time has passed and Obama’s numbers are starting to slip. Obama saw what happened to a president who cut himself off from the public (Bush), and he is not going to see this happen to him. If Obama does not reach out and keep his support in the pool of positivity, he might see them slip into an opposition against him. The anger is fomenting, but as long as he has the voting majority on his side, Obama will be able to get his agenda passed. This is why Obama will never leave campaign mode.

Now, his numbers are still pretty good, but not near where Bush’s were when he took over. Obama’s message tonight will be a positive one meant to draw up support for the economy and his agenda. He will plea that health care reform will help the economy rebound (it won’t), and he will assure his sheep that the stimulus bill is hard at work. But, the overall message will be that he is doing what he can for the American people, and he might even throw in a few jabs at Bush.

I, personally, will not be watching it. I’ll wait for the sound bites.


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