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Class Envy Backfires on Democrat supporters

Posted by Bobby on March 27, 2009

I never understood the thought processes behind highly paid Hollywood actor/actresses and athletes back of Democratic candidates when they talk constantly about increasing taxes that would directly effect them and their very high salaries. Well, with the wealth and class envy rhetoric being amped up out Washington, these power players might end up finding themselves in the political cross hairs:

While a great deal of public anger is focused at corporate executives these days, Johnny Depp and the Boys of Summer don’t fare much better. Thirty percent (30%) of Americans believe the government should make it illegal to pay movie stars and athletes more than $1 million per year.

Now, Rasmussen mentions that 59% of people oppose such action. But it remain that way when all the political capital from Wall Street is spent? I’ve mentioned before, the power brokers in Washington need an enemy to keep the heat off them. Watch out, Hollywood. You could be next.


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