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Loss of Kutner

Posted by Bobby on April 8, 2009

My wife and I are huge House fans. Every Monday night, we have our “House date” were one of us makes dinner, and we sit on the couch together and watch House. The build up to last Monday’s episode left our breaths’ bated in anticipation. And we were not let down. Kutner committed suicide.

I thought it was an odd “twist”. Like the show said, he never seemed like he was suicidal. It didn’t make sense. It was obvious that the spontanious death was triggered by something other than the need for a plot device. Our first thought was that he (the actor Kal Penn who played Kutner) died in real life. So, I hit the internet and found this:

“House” star Kal Penn — whose character was killed off on Monday’s episode — is taking a sabbatical from acting to work for President Obama. The 31-year-old actor, first launched to fame as a stoner student in the “Harold and Kumar” movies, is coming to Washington to be associate director in the White House Office of Public Liaison, Entertainment Weekly first reported yesterday.

My wife and I rolled our eyes (we are not Obama supporters in case you can’t tell) and shrugged it off. What was done is done. But then I was reading one of my more favorite blogs and found the blogger, Ed Morrissey, thought this:

Actually, I found the suicide to be the most objectionable part of the story, and I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s because the series treated suicide as an easy way out of a staffing jam rather than a serious subject.  It seems almost grotesque to concoct a character’s suicide just to get the actor a gig in politics.  Why not just give the character a job somewhere else?

I thought this was profound. Why did they have him commit suicide? There were better ways to do this. He could have taken another job. That job could have been at the White House, actually putting the truth in the plot instead of killing him off. They could have used Kutner’s death as a good plot device. House thought he was murdered at one point. They could have ran with that. I even came up with the theory that Taub killed him because of jealous over the last case (let’s face it, Taub is a train wreck). Instead, they are letting it be. No more investigation into his death. Just, “he’s dead, oh well, except it.”

So why the suicide? Could it be a statement? Could it be a metaphor for Kal Penn’s future with the Fox network or acting in general? Could it be as simple as the writers lashing out over the bomb shell Penn dropped in their storyline? I mean, he is dead. Now there is no way he can come back.

Whatever the reason, I wish Penn the best, and he will be missed as Kutner.


One Response to “Loss of Kutner”

  1. I guess some people would rather kill themselves than go work for this administration.

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