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A Preview of His Governing Style

Posted by Bobby on April 12, 2009

In a piece of good news this Easter Sunday, it has been learned that the American Captain previously taken captive by Somali pirates was rescued unharmed. Aside from this being excellent news for both the captain, his loved ones, and the country altogether, I think enough time has passed that we can now have a pretty good idea of President Obama governing style. This is my take on it anyway.

1) Obama is going to say whatever he deems necessary for his own political expedencey. This includes all things foreign and domestic. If saying “no lobbyists in my administration” means more political clout, he is going to say it. Regardless of what he actually plans on doing (putting lobbyists in his administration). This includes his foreign policy.

2) When comes to military activities, he is going to allow the Joint Chiefs and the Generals make policy. He is going to basically do what he is told is best on Iraq, Afghanistan, the missile shield, and even small encounters with pirates.

I will have to continue to add to this list. To be honest, Obama is a tough one to pin down. Overall, I still believe he is a puppet. For the liberal machine? Something more sinister? Who knows. We are only a few months in. Three and a half more years await us.

Update: Oh my. Interesting take from Blackfive, but, like most truths, we will probably never know the real truth.


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