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Oh Well, Bye 24

Posted by Bobby on April 20, 2009

Welp, it happened. Not three days after posting about my displeasure with the direction of 24, this happens:

I tried. I really didn’t want to abandon one of the last television shows I enjoy watching, but I can’t do it anymore. There is nothing more to say except to Garofalo herself.

Typically, I would try to set her straight in an act of charity to the human race. Having such a skanked up, washed out piece of gutter trash with a sense of fashion stuck in the 1960’s and a debate mentality stuck that the average kindergartner could strike down free and wondering the streets hurts all of humanity. Especially when that person is given camera access on many of the increasingly less popular cable shows. So, I find myself attempting to educate and set them straight before they pull the entire world into that hollow, black emptiness of space that an average intellect should occupy. Unfortunately, for Garofalo, I got nothing.

We all know she has no factual information to base her opinions on. She is simply using the consistently recycled, left wing method of ending dissent. A tactic so old, it’s usage by Garofalo probably outnumbers her lifetime usage of soap. I’m talking, of course, about the “you’re a racist” comment. For decades, the left has used this tactic to shut up dissent where ever they find it and deem it appropriate (they do try to at least fit it in situations where it will make sense).

Unfortunately for the left, this is obviously not a viable tactic anymore. You really think the participators of the tea parties didn’t know they might be portrayed this way? Admittedly, we hope for a little more creativity and effort from whose like Garofalo, but we knew what was coming. We knew it would be used before Obama was elected to help push his agenda, and we knew it would be used now. But like a virus whose only treatment is a single antibiotic, we have evolved.

The tea party protesters are angry. Angry over spending, misrepresentation, over bailouts. We think this needs to stop. Calling us racists and stupid is not going to weaken our resolve or change our minds. Garofalo might care what others think of her, but we don’t. Lying about us and misrepresenting us will only make us angrier and strengthen our resolve. Yes, that is right, Janeane. Your stupidity makes us stronger.

BTW: Like most on the left, I find it very telling to see Garofalo’s opinion on dissent change the instant she gets her guy into office.


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