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CIA Memo Release

Posted by Bobby on April 21, 2009

It has been mere days since President Obama releases CIA memos on their enhanced interrogation techniques. As expected, those on the right are taking exception, and those on the left are foaming with glee. Talk Radio and the right-wing blogs are talking about the disenfranchisement of the CIA operatives and the opening for another attack to occur. Based on the facts given, I would have to agree, but I want to look at this in a different light. A light that might be deemed more wishful thinking than reality, but one that I find more believable when you examine the character of our new president. Simply: He can’t be that stupid…

Let’s look at why he released them first. Despite your feelings on the interrogation methods used during the Bush years, you have to conclude (if you are intellectually honest) that they worked. We got the information, and we were kept safe. If these interrogation methods worked and they kept us safe, would getting rid of them make us less safe and open up the possibility for another attack? Obama has to know this, so why release them? Only two reasons come to mind: he’s either trying to help the enemy (which I don’t believe) or he is trying to make his political base happy.

For years, the base of the Democrat party have held rallies and protests against the CIA methods of the Bush years. Now that Obama is president, they thought things would change. Troops pulled out of Iraq, Gitmo closed, and the Patriot Act repealed. Oh how they were wrong. Instead, Obama is keeping troops in Iraq, keeping Gitmo open until he figures out what do with the prisoners (which no one will take), and is strengthening the Patriot Act. Too much longer, and his will start protesting him. Ah, but how easy it is to please the left.

Obama releases CIA memos of past interrogation methods. Now his base can become preoccupied with suing the Bush administration, and believe that Obama really is for change and transparency.

Now, you might be thinking, “Right, he made us less safe to pander to his base!” But did he?

You have to understand something if one wants to truly understand Obama. He is a politician, and he has big plans. In order to do what he wants to do on health care, energy, and other issues, he has to have the backing of the people. His high approval numbers are the main reason the Republicans are weak kneed in opposing him. What would happen if there was another terrorist attack on American soil? What would happen if that attack could be traced back to the release of these memos and his lax in strength on foreign policy? His approval numbers would plummet, Republicans would have ammunition, and American attitude of urgency would shift away from domestic policy back to foreign policy. Leaving Obama’s plans in the dust, only to be written about in his post-presidential memoirs.

Obama is a cold, calculating politician. Washington is full of them. The idea that he would risk his political clout and popularity on the chance of a terrorist attack is absurd. He would never risk a speed bump in his plan such as that. So he releases a few memos on past interrogation methods and keeps safety procedures and renditions in place. Everybody has bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Now, I could be giving Obama a lot more credit than he is due. I’ll admit it. Maybe this is wishful thinking. But, I just can’t believe Obama would risk another attack when he has so much left to do. Take care though American. Cause if I’m wrong…. Well, pray I’m not.


One Response to “CIA Memo Release”

  1. LOUDelf said

    I think you nailed it: He’s very calculating with huge end goals in mind.

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