Free-Hand Thinking

Untethered Thoughts from the Mind of a Liberty Loving, God Fearing American


So, who am I? What am I all about? The questions that every person should ask themselves at some point in their lives. Unlike most though, I have my answers.

I am, first and foremost, a Christian. I believe in God, and that He cares and works in my life. I believe He sent his son, Jesus, to die for my sins so that, by faith, I might end up with Him at the end of my earthly journey. I am agnostic in the since that I do question my faith (as all should), but through my research and study of both Christian and secular sources, I am constantly assured of my faith.

God has blessed me with a great family that challenge and push me to become all that I can be. Both my parents have always told me I could do whatever I wanted to do. My two younger brothers help keep me grounded and humble.

My wife is my inspiration. In addition to pushing and supporting me in all that I do and dream of doing, she inspires me to be a better person than who I am. Watching her deal with a debilitating disease and the heart break of infertility, while still remaining upbeat and optimistic about the future and in love with God has been a constant inspiration that one can not find in any novel, movie, or peotry.

I am a conservative/libertarian. It is a hard position to reconcile to most people, but to put it in its simplest form, I believe that the Founding Fathers had it correct, but I don’t side with the idea of legislating morality. Morality comes from education and proper foundations. It cannot come from a law. Passing such a law will only spark rebellion and, at that point, becomes counter-productive. Aside from that, I am down the line conservative. I’m pro-life; I believe in power through strength, not appeasement; and government’s job is not to provide complete security, but national security from foreign invaders and those within our borders that might disturb my life, liberty, or property. Nothing more, nothing less.

I love to write. Writing has become more of a passion than just a hobby. I enjoy writing both fiction and non-fiction, though fiction takes less research. Blogging has become both an outlet for expression and practice for writing. As time has gone by, writing has not gotten particularly better or worse, but it the transition from thought to keyboard has become quicker. So, I suppose that is a win.

Overall, I am a friendly and likable guy. You may not agree with me or my views, but that is okay. Free will and liberty allows you to be wrong. You don’t have to agree with me. Just think.


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