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So Good…

Posted by Bobby on April 21, 2009

… I had to both tweet and post this video here. Well done, pajamas media!


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Portrait of the Republican Party

Posted by Bobby on April 20, 2009

I personally have no problem with any of the McCain’s. John McCain was given his shot, and he blew it. But there is one person who is truly getting through this thick skin of mine and starting to get on my last nerves. His daughter, Meghan McCain.

No matter what you think of her, she is trying to actively help the Republican Party. She has gone on several venues saying the Republicans should accept homosexual marriage and pander to as many groups as possible to get their vote (she is particularly in love with the youth vote). Who can blame her? If you believe in something, you should stand up for her. I don’t agree with her, but I appreciate her vigor. But does she have the clout?

I had completely forgotten that Meghan McCain had admitted to Alan Colmes in an interview (Hannity not available?) that she had voted for Gore and Kerry in previous elections. Now, I don’t care who you vote for, but admitting to voting for the other parties nominee then try to reshape the Republicans? Why should we listen to her? She hurt on her credibility. Well, here’s the problem:

Meghan McCain said Tuesday that she voted for Vice President Al Gore in the 2000 presidential race. But McCain, who was born in 1984, was too young to vote in that race.

The fact is, Meghan McCain doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about the Republican party. She is simply on a one woman crusade to become more excepted by the mainstream media and pals in L.A. (I followed her for a while on Twitter. These were the highlights of her life, far and away). Look at what she’s been doing since John’s loss. Ever since her father’s loss, Meghan McCain has been on every news venue that will waste air time to interview the daughter of the loser. While on these low rating, low content shows, she has taken the opportunity to blame everyone under the sun for her father’s loss. It can hardly be blamed on her. She is just doing what every Republican has been doing for the last few years. Trying to become excepted by those that control the mainstream media: liberals.

Don’t believe me? Look at who she has been criticizing. Has it been Democrats, liberals, television or print media, or her own father? Nope. The only people she has blamed are those that have carried the Republicans to success in previous elections, Conservatives and Talk Radio. The same people that those in the media and pop culture view as the enemy.

She might not know it, but she has become the perfect metaphor for the Republican Party. Running around from media outlet to media outlet without any coherent message. Their only quest is a never ending hide-and-seek of looking for acceptance from the very people that are trying to tear them down. It is sickening to watch.

Edit: Looks like I am not the only person tired of Meghan McCain.

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Where Does the Extremism Truly Lie?

Posted by Bobby on April 16, 2009

A lot of outrage and debate has been generated by the release of a DHS report on The Rise of Right Wing Extremist and how to identify them. Many have talked and even blogged about it. Veterans are angered by it. If you haven’t heard about it, read it. It is a beautiful hit piece stamped with the seal of the President, but does it have a point? Let’s cut through the fog of anger and examine the premise. Where does the extremism in this country truly lie?

The left loves to recycle the now dead whipping boy of extremist behavior when it is trying to make a point about right wing extremism. Timothy McVeigh. In a spot of class and complete non-partisanship, the DHS report even quoted McVeigh. Just in case their media lapdogs couldn’t figure out the parallel. Now, what McVeigh did was extremist. As a resident of Oklahoma, anyone here will tell you that day is Oklahoma’s 9/11. But, is McVeigh a phenomenon only found on the right?

Allow me to recycle my own tired old extremist person (or in this case persons). The Weathermen. This group of radical leftist bombed the Pentagon and set fires in New York to protest the Vietnam War. Its funny how quickly we forget about something. Especially when one of its members was held up as a well pointed talking-point for the right this election cycle. See how annoying it is when the opposing sides only reference point is something that happened years ago? How about we move on from the years-old examples, and we look at the here and now.

It is no shock that this report was released the day before national protests were scheduled in the form of Tea Parties. And, like a plant root to water, the media quickly lapped up the White House talking-point and ran with it. Not only did they drawing similarities between the Tea Parties and extremism, but they also found time to inject racism into the mix of intricate butt-kissing they pass as journalism. But, where is the proof of extremism at these rallies? Anger could be found in bulk, but violence? Law breaking? A call to arms? All were noticeably absent. Instead these protests were filled with silence occasionally broken by the “whoop” of approval directed at comments of the speakers. The best and sometimes only way to find out opinion and thought was to read the signs and billboards held overhead by those present.

Is this right-wing extremism? The gathering on public grounds to silently protest the motives and vision of Washington with clever and whity signs held in the air? Are they afraid the “whoops” of agreement might shatter a window? Let’s compare this to the left.

On the left, you have groups like Code Pink, who smear themselves with blood and approach the Secretary of State within sneezing distance and always seem to get into Congressional hearings to disrupt and protest wars. The left has groups like PETA, whose signature demonstration is to throw blood on innocent passer-bys for wearing fur coats and break into research labs to free animals. The left has groups like ACORN, who load up bus loads of people to protest outside private citizen’s homes and break into houses that have been foreclosed on. “Stealing” them back for–who they deem–the “rightful owner.” The left has groups like the Black Panthers, who stand outside voting centers with clubs, while innocent people exercise their right to vote. Are these groups supposed to be the model of peaceful demonstrations that the right can take a lesson from?

The writing on the wall is clear. An anger is festering. It is not from those who have been angry for years now, yet still vote for those that promise everything but give nothing. It is the anger from a group who have gone unheard for so long. A group that goes to work, pays their taxes, and never ask for anything. It is a group that has sat silently as left wing groups and politicians have for far too long clipped away the freedom we so love. It is a group that sees protests and marches from people who have been given much but expect more. This group doesn’t think government has the answer. To the contrary, they believe government is more often the problem rather than the solution.

And worst of all, this group has this administration and this congress scared. Not because they are truly scared of violence. As they know, this group is not violent. As a matter of fact, this group would rather not protest. They would rather live out their days being left alone with the freedoms and opportunities granted by our founding documents. What this group does do is vote. And all it takes is a small portion of their votes to swing the other way to lose their stature and their power.

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Getting a little ridiculous

Posted by Bobby on April 9, 2009

Okay, I’m getting a little sick of this story. Everyone who follows politics knows about this story: Sarah Palin bought a bunch of clothes. My thoughts on it at the time? “Well whoopty-fickin doo. Who cares? She is campaigning for Vice President. How much did Obama spend? Biden? Michelle Obama?” This is the most unpartisan response a person could have. Honestly, why care? Where are the stories about money spent on clothes for women going to the Oscar’s? They are just going to an award ceremony. Palin was running for the second highest office in the land.

But, of course, put a pile of crap in front of the media, and they will step in it:

Closing a loop on the campaign finance side of the Sarah Palin clothes saga, the Republican National Committee late last month filed an amended report detailing exactly which disbursements were clothing purchases for the Republican vice presidential candidate and her family.

The amended report shows that the committee paid about $23,000 for clothing in the three weeks before and after Election Day — which is actually $7,000 less than previously reported.

Why is this still an issue? “Closing a loop”? The Republicans are amending reports for financial reasons, and the media is acting like this is news! And besides this, where is the balance? Where are the stories on Michelle’s wardrobe now that she is first lady? Hillary’s? Pelosi’s? McCain’s? ANYONE BESIDES PALIN?????

This is the best example of the absolute, blatant bias of the very institution that is supposed to protect us from the oppressive hand of government.

Oh but it gets better. Remember when Palin said she would donate the clothes to charity after the campaign? Well, it seems that the media believes that Palin can’t even do that right. Here’s an idea. How about newspaper and the media get back to reporting on some of the stuff that matters, like the economic crisis, if the stimulus bill is actually working, or one of the many foreign policy crises out there, instead of going through an ex-vice presidential candidate’s trash bags.

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