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Miss America Pageant Metaphor

Posted by Bobby on April 22, 2009

It’s been all over the news. Miss California giving a politically incorrect answer that cost her the pageant. Perez Hilton video blogging his anger, calling Miss California “a stupid bitch” as an obvious means of keeping the political debate above personal attacks. None of this surprises me. I see the direction our country is headed. One where only mainstream thought is acceptable, and those that disagree are degraded and shut up. But this video made my day:

A few points I think are worth mentioning. Let’s start with Perez. Perez has said that if she would have given an answer along the lines of “let each state decide”, he wouldn’t have marked her off. That it would have been the best answer. Where is the evidence that Perez would have accepted that answer any better than the one she gave? After all, Perez is a huge advocate of abolishing Prop 8. Prop 8 was voted on and passed by the people of California. If he truly believed in federalism, he would support Prop 8 as a staple of a healthy democracy. Instead, he advocates the will of the people be overturned in a courtroom. Not surprising that he supports federalism when it shows results he agrees with (hello Vermont), but despises it when it is against him. What a patriot!

Of course, like most liberals, they don’t afford the same privilege to those who disagree with them. He asked for Miss California’s opinion, but it is obvious he didn’t want her actual opinion. Instead, he wanted the typical politically correct drivel that the left expects from the right, but never expects of themselves (explain to me how “Dumb Bitch” is politically correct).

Of course, like most small scale things, they are a prefect metaphor for what is happening to our country. Liberals, for too long, have been allowed to say what is and isn’t okay to say, do, or think. Now we have reached a tipping point. A point where un-pc speech no longer just results in sharp, scathing looks or gossip behind that persons back. Instead, un-pc behavior results in lost opportunities and destroyed lives. Politically Correct behavior is now expected of any person who operates in the public. This is the soft fascism that people like Ron Paul have warned about.

A final point. Bravo to Miss California. She was asked her opinion and gave it. Even after the attempted destruction of her character, she stands by her statements and thanks God for the trials of her life. This is a girl we could all take a lesson from. She is a true American hero, and my Miss America!


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Speaking of Stem Cells…

Posted by Bobby on April 17, 2009

Everyone knows of Oprah and Michael J. Fox’s advocacy of embryonic stem cell research. Well, here is a video of Dr. Oz, a highly respected American doctor from Columbia Institute, lays out a bomb shell to the two on a recent Oprah Show. Basically… the debate is over.

Two things of note before you watch the video. One, look at their faces as Dr. Oz explains this to them (you can tell they are just shocked and have no idea what is going on). And two, notice what Dr. Oz says could have happened if stem cells had been injected (hint: it starts with a ‘c’).

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“Logic Bomb” used on Christians

Posted by Bobby on April 8, 2009

I was surfing through the net, and I saw an interesting question that someone had asked to disprove the existence of God. I can’t find the exact link to the question, but needless to say, there were not good answers used to help this logical-thinking atheist along.

I went something like this:

God is all-powerful. Can God create a rock that even He can not move? If He can make the rock and He actually can’t move it, He is not all-powerful. If He can due to the fact that He can move any rock He wants, then again He is not all-powerful because He failed to create an unmovable rock.

I’ll spare you the answers used and just dive right in with my own explanation. This question, on its face, is logically flawed. Let me start by giving you an analogy:

Humans can create triangles, yes? Sure they can, do it now. Go ahead; get some paper and make a triangle. Good. Now, make a 2-sided triangle. Can’t do it? Well, by using the same logic the original questioner afforded above, you do not exist.

The idea of an unmovable rock is logically flawed. Every rock in the universe can be moved. As a matter of fact, there isn’t any material object in the universe that can not be moved one way or the other. Planet sized asteroids drift through space and no one thinks twice if that piece of matter can be moved or not.

The “Logic Bomb” ends up being a Bomb lacking in Logic. Asking if God can create an immovable rock is like asking if God can create a circle with 3-sides. It can not be done. Besides, there are many things that God can not do. God can not lie (Hebrews 6:18), He can not be tempted (James 1:13), and there are others. In order for God to exist, He, Himself, must exist within a certain set of parameters in which we can define Him. If we were unable to define God, then we would have a real crisis of His existence. Likewise, we could name anything God (including a Flying Spaghetti Monster). We have to have something to point to when describing God, else we could define Him as anything! If He is everything to everyone, how do we know He is anything at all?

The bottom line is this: Christians need to stop accepting the questions of non-believers as if they are correct on their face. Many non-believers do not want nor care to believe in our God, so if an illogical question will make a Christian go “wide-eyed” than, rest assured, they will throw it around any chance they get. Just remember:

Do not answer a fool according to his folly,
or you will be like him yourself
Answer a fool according to his folly,

or he will be wise in his own eyes.
Proverbs 26: 4-5

Let me finish up by saying that this “skepticism” I am advocating towards a question like this should be used for many questions and objections atheists have for Christianity. Consider the questions about Christianities roots in pagan religions. And that is just one example.

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