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Why the move?

Posted by Bobby on April 7, 2009

For those few who actually follow my blogging, your probably asking yourself, “Didn’t you just create a new blog?” Well, yes. And though I can’t guarantee that I won’t move in the near future, I can tell you that I feel certain that I won’t be moving again.

There are several reasons for the move. None that matter to anyone but myself, but then again, who else matters? First of all, I didn’t like the name of my last blog. Intellectual Solider? Admittedly, I just kind of thought that one up on a whim and ran with it. Free-Hand Thinking is a much better description of me and my blogging techniques. My blog posts tend to be long runs on a single thought I have on a particular issue (be it economic, political, theological, or whatever).

Another reason is that one of the blogs I read on a daily basis ( requires you to have a wordpress account in order to comment. So, after creating the account and looking around at some of the blogging tools and templates they have available, I decided to make this my new home.

So! Change your bookmarks folks! I will be here for a while.


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